This is a chill idle game. Something to play in the background as you browse the web on a rainy day.


What to do?

Walk to the wishing well and you can either send wishes/messages or write your own. Every time you read someone else's wish you get a few coins. Use those coins to either send wishes or unlock new skins.

How is this an MMORPG?

The wishes you read are real people's messages! And when you send a wish anyone can see it. Wishes are in the well for two weeks and then disappear forever. If you see any offensive wishes you can report them with the report button.

This is a game I've wanted to make since I was a kid. I tried to make a version of it back then and failed. But this does a little better :)

It is pretty simple right now, but if people like the concept I would be open to adding more content.

How to Play

- Walk with arrow keys or wasd

- Interact with E

- Wish with Q


M to mute

Your progress is automatically tied to your browser. You do not need to save or load.

Code, audio, art by Jet Simon

Additional SFX from

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
AuthorJet Simon
TagsCasual, Cute, Drawing, Idle, Massively multiplayer


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I've only gotten 3-4 wishes so far but all of them have been blank. Don't know if this is a bug or what

i put

here is mine

i got your wish!!

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I think on my computer, the time needed to get another wish is surprisingly going upwards instead of downwards. Shouldn't you fix that?

issue, if u cancel wish, it doesnt refund coins

other than that amazing idea and execution!

same problem as comment below


it wont connect to server at all? i have good wifi?

Try again now

This makes me so happy you have no idea

Deleted 23 days ago

I found that one! :D


it wont connect to the server for me :(

oop nvm i got it wworking

bro what is this even


It is a game where you make wishes and then see other peoples wishes!




Hmm I wonder what happened. Perhaps some weird daylight savings stuff.




sorry i did the boykisser one


this is a really cute concept 


i cook meth






This is a cute idea! I always enjoy the challenge of making little drawings with just the mouse

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great game... but not much to do... maybe add minigames for coins or something?


I really liked this game. Why not add more? An example would be if you wish a couple of times, you level up and can unlock more skins!

⭐⭐⭐⭐∎ 4/5 stars

Deleted 1 year ago

Crying to connect server wait…

I am mad at the server hosting site!

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I really don't blame you, programming servers is complicated, and from what I've seen in the screenshots it has a great visual section, i just hope it gets fixed soon…

I've been restarting it because that seems to be working sometimes. Keep trying at different times of  the day.

Okay, thanks 🙏 ✝️ 

Great game! Perfect for informing people on the crimes of the CIA!

Good to know I'm doing my part

Hi, this game looks fun, but I can't seem to get in. All I see is a black screen with the words "New Text". I've tried every key, so is there something that I'm missing or is this a bug?

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That could mean the server is down. I will make sure to check. Thank you for letting me know.

EDIT: It should be fixed now :)

Thanks! This game is great, having a lot of fun!


Oh, I am happy you came back to play :)

does not work, the screen is black and just appear "new text".


I'm sorry the backend is having server issues. It says it should work but then it doesn't respond. Not sure how to fix currently. Please try again later!

ello again, i am here once more after around a year, im that one record holder from Extremely Short Wine Tycoon that got a wine named after them, fun  game, i like how you can make messages for others to read, thanks for making these cool games,


Hey I remmeber you!

Thanks for playing this game too :) 

Wishes do not show up, I am just getting blank pages

Oh hmm. Let me check the server. Thank you.

I do not know why it is not working :(

It works perfectly in the Unity editor and I see no errors unless itch changed something about letting outside requests be allowed or not.

We will have to see

pretty sure some papers are just blank unfortunately, my first letter was blank but my 2nd one wasnt, so it should still work

Oh hmm. I tried to stop that from happening in the code. It could also be that the server goes to sleep and then wakes up from someone plays but takes a second to wake up.

Let me try again, cause last time I just got blanks 5 times

Really cool, do you know what I'm supposed to write on the wish co sheet or something?

You can write whatever your heart desires!

Another thing,  when I got my wish from the well,  I found this one button on the bottom right that says "report".  What happens when I hit "report"?

If you see something bad or inappropriate if lots of people report it then it gets taken out of the possible wishes.


Charming! Let us all have hope that no one abuses or misuses the wonderful sentiment.

Great stuff :)


That is why I added the report button. I had visions of vandalism. But I hope as well :)

All we can wish for!


Adorable. It may be small but the idea behind it seeing random wishes from other people is really great.

i made a wish but it didn't let me draw/write on it :(

Hmm and you pressed Q to make the wish? Maybe you accidently pressed the eraser button. Maybe if you press the draw button?

oh i wasn't using the crank on the well properly >o< !!
oops hehe