It is 2007. You are a security guard at the mysterious agency 'the FCL'. It's your first night on the job. What will you uncover? At what cost? Look through CCTV cameras and sift through emails to find out.

It is recommended you play this game with the sound on!


Left + Right Arrows or A + D to look around

1 to switch to camera 1, 2 to switch to camera 2, etc

TAB to switch to desk view

0 to switch to computer view


Spoiler: this game has a couple elements where you will to use the actual internet/your computer to solve them. You will NOT need to use an actual phone.

Made for Github Game Off 2021

Art / Code by Jet Simon

The majority of SFX for this game were taken/remixed from

Updated 10 days ago
Published 22 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorJet Simon
GenrePuzzle, Simulation
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Escape Game, githubgameoff, Horror, Low-poly, Retro, scp
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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flies in a jar (windows).zip 41 MB

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Let there be light

making an ARG inside the ARG?

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this Game Had Me On Edge The Whole Time JET lol


Thanks for the vid cap'n :D


just chilin

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I made an entire decryptor when I was 13 so it was easy

took so long because i didnt think about ciphers :/ i was zooming after figuring that out tho Still a great game love the camera effect

:( not supported by x86 computers

This is great! i own a computer that runs windows 98 and its graphics look just like this. great job! :)

idk if im doing something wrong but i only have access to one camera? even when i press 2 i only have the computer desk and cam 1 :(

you need to unlock more cameras. If you press 0 you can go to your email to find clues.

nvm! figured it out lol, awesome game

Glad to hear!

wow. That was a good game, made me think. Good job Jet Simo



Bit confused on what to do because right after I receive the email to release the flies nothing really happens and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong I would appreciate some advice


You can move from the computer.

Thanks I feel dumb that I didn’t try that. Cool game ending by the way.

Thank you.

yes there is a message that pops up saying you can move but I admit it may be somewhat easy to miss

thank you for playing until the end :)

how do i move from the desk ?

Wasd when u unlock it 

I actually really enjoyed this! This game was super enjoyable and really quite difficult but in the best way. I loved playing this (even though the man in the room scared the crap out of me) and wish it was longer! Is the dev planning on adding to this game or making more like this? Super fun, would definitely recommend.

I am considering making more games in this universe. This game is already tied to a couple of previous games. Unsure if I would do CCTV again or not. Time will tell. I like to mix it up. I am a big fan of puzzle/escape games though so it is likely.

are there jumpscares???


Spoiler: only one minor one :)


It scared me when the guy was looking at the camera, I went straight to the cam did such a great job! it gives me silent hill vibes when I started walking

Happy to hear

I featured your game in my video - 


Thank you for playing!


Such a good, short game! Love the simplicity of it, yet there are complexities that make this game stand out from the usual indie horror fare. 

Watch for this man's great voice acting!

you're too kind :)

I'll be honest here. It took me 25 minutes to figure out the very first thing you need to do in this game. My stupidity made for a great video though. Loved the visuals, the concept and the mystery. Thanks for making this!

thank you for persevering !

This game was remarkably fun! The attention to detail with the spam mail was nice to see, and the website element made the game very engaging. I can't wait to see what you make next.

thank you very much :)

make sure to follow to see future projects lol

AFTER SOOO LONG nice feature where you go to other websites to find it out

thank you for sticking with it and solving!

Ive been playing for bout' an our and I still cant figure it out

There is a walk through on YouTube if you need! Or a let’s play. I’m especially a fan of Adrionic’s let’s play.

thx but I just figured it out

took me by suprise by how much time this took for me! rlly good, i suggest it :)

Thank you for playing

i nearly shit myself at that man , very cool game though

im happy to hear you are unsoiled!

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This game is so fantastic and polished and fun hard to believe it's made in a game jam. Love the art style.

Thanks a lot :D

It needs to be stressed how great this was. I had so much fun playing it. Light puzzles that aren't too difficult but enough to leave you satisfied. The atmosphere creates a sense of urgency within a twisted facility and in the end it all comes to chaos. Again, fantasic and I'm really looking forward to what else you put out! Good stuff JetSimon! 

thank you ! I will not disappoint :)

It might be my computer but the link from the decoder doesn't work for me. It says that the website can't be reached and to check spelling.. not jetsmon

oh, that's what the decoder gave me.. Thanks!

Amazing puzzle game!

A good puzzle game. Congrats.

Thanks for playing another one of my games :)


I cannot tell you how uneasy the guy on cam 2 made me when he was sTARRING at me. @~@

That's the plan!

Hey man this is really good! A lot of games like this are mostly guessing, but I never really felt lost with this one. Great game!

That is good to hear.

im real confused atm on the blue numbers and how i would use them lol

the phone


this was anamasing game right at the end i thought there was going to something else scary because of room two but yeah love this short game and thank you for the help

that one guy scared the shi out of me HAHDASHDHAS noice game tho

bruh same here

i cant figure out the second puzzle. i keep trying but have had no luck. im super confused :(

Hint: The bible verse is "Let There Be Light" and below that is written the word SESAME

Wow, so cool (even if I had to scroll down to the coments for the code tip) xD

I really apreciate experimental short games


i cant figure the code out help?

Google Caesar cipher


Kinda confused at the Caesar Code but I complete this game. It's a really good game.


took me a time to figure out de cesar code, but did it

your games are so wonderful!

keep going, I believe you'll become even better<3


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I wasn't expecting too much but played it out of curiosity, but I must say I was impressed by it, it was a short experience but I really enjoyed it, I look forward to your next games!

Thank you :D


This is a masterpiece. I loved the style, the codes, the minigames, this is amazing. I missed the good games like this one



Denada, creí que no hablabas español :)

very cool game, loved the puzzle elements and horror aethstetic (why couldn't it just be another dinosaur love sim lol) but where the heck is that guy from the posters?! and whats the reward!!?!


he is “hidden” among my other games 

I think my next game will be cute again lol

i'll find him then!

Also can't wait for the next one!


thanks so much it means a lot to hear people like my games enough to know my other games :)

your a really great dev! Hopefully more peeps will discover your cool games.
Also uh, can I get a hint on what exact game the guy is from??? (you have a bajillion games and i can't play through them all)

Haha, it is Office Kiss: Edge of Humanity!

I got the Caesar decoded. but I got an error 404 message.

(1 edit)

you must have a typo in your url. It is online for me


you’re welcome :) 

Can't get past the first puzzle, only thing O've seen so far is the art-style, and by gods is it beautiful.

spoiler hint: Google Caesar cipher 

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