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Cool game

Thanks :)

I actually cannot get those aliens to be happy. I keep losing on Sunday. Do you have any advice on how to satisfy that alien.

If you can be perfect early on, it won't matter how much you satisfy the aliens as much.

The Cool Math Games edition of 7 Second Haircuts has some features that may make it a bit easier for you to complete as well.

How do I change people's hair color?

The right mouse button

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Thanks, and one more thing to ask you: If I don't have enough money to pay rent then does that mean that a round I'm on is over?

Yes. There is an updated version of this game on Cool Math Games you may be interested in. It has more player friendly features.

Ok, sounds good. :)

Very addictive gameplay!

:D Hope you're not TOO addicted

Ayyy beat it second try (it was close tho)! Very fun game!


you’re a pro 

So much fun! I had trouble with dying hair, but that's my computer

You killed their hair!!!


I love this game. I wish there was a longer version.


I'm going to be making a bigger game in 2022. I'll consider this as an option.

I had a great time with it. Thanks :)

this game is amazing


Took me about 10 attempts but finally won! good game.

oh wow. Good job staying with it so much!


this gave me anxiety

i love it


Awesome game!




This is fun. Well done.

Thanks :)


Good game, could certainly use more clients though. 


funny game! I had a lot of fun. Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

Thanks for playing! I did not even know about this other painting game! That's so cool!

Loved it!Very funny and enjoyable little game :)

thanks for playing :)


What a cool game! Like the simple concept. Finished it after a few tries.

Thanks for playing and finishing :D

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I needed 3 trys and 21 Minutes to complete and I need to say that it isnt the hardest game but the most annoying one. Especially that one customer that wants just one dot.


Well I appreciate you finishing it :)

Thank you for the feedback on the customers. I'm sorry that felt unfair, I will try in the future to make my games feel more fair for everyone.

Thanks for playing!


Loved the Game! Although I did almost quit... or did I

Thanks! Guess I’ll have to watch to find out


Hiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game is quite fresh and original.

-The gameplay mechanics are quite good, but I think that the difficulty curve gets quite crazy on the saturday and sunday.

-The visual style is amazing and really fits the game, and I also get some good "papers please" vibes from it.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


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Thanks for the more in depth look - I do agree with the difficulty curve looking back. Could have been more subtle or made rent increase less drastically.

I am considering adding a difficulty option to make it easier for some.

Good idea :D, you are welcome ^^

Made a video


Thanks so much! Sorry to see you couldn't make it past Sunday. Perhaps I should have made it just a bit easier. Aw well, next game! Loved the vid.

Yeah it was annoying to lose on the last day but it was still fun and happy you enjoyed the video.

Gee if barbers had to swear an oath of ethics like doctors do I would have refused half the haircuts requested that week. Could have made rent by giving styling advice to my customers instead :'( 

Loved the game, hated the landlord! 




i am very sad

Pro tip: If you try again and do well on the early days, you can save up enough money to beat the last day without even doing a customer! (Secret dev tip do not spread ;) )


hi and also tysm! i may have never beat this with some super secret dev advice


when haircut


I can confidently say that I'm not meant to be a barber...

It would mean the world to me if you could take a look at the video I'm trying to reach 20 subs!

Will do. I'll also show my dad :)

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Haha this is great! I love it!

XD i be like ok so u want a nice shave "20 sec later" shaves him bald



im literally crying rn you said that was stressful and you were NOT lying


im sorry for the tears. you can have a free haircut on the house :)

will it charge me extra if it takes 8 seconds?


Like it! Really original, kinda wacky. It's quite hard though, especially the ones where you have to dye and cut, I have the feeling it's just not do-able in 7 seconds. Just did my first run though, so not much practice yet ;-)


Yes from my player  testers it took on average 2 or 3 tries. Though I do agree I maybe should have made it just a bit easier to win :). Oh well.


This game is very cool! It is featured in my Top 5 for this week!

Take a look at the video!


Thanks so much!


oh jesus is so fucking hard


Love it. Especially the wacky hairstyles that come up at the end! 


I had fun xD Keep it up!


wonderful! loved the silly hairstyles and silly gameplay! very warioware <3

It was definitely inspired by a childhood spent playing Wario-ware games :)


When the barber's doing your hairline and he says "Whoops.."

Great game my guy






fantastic & tragic. I'm not cut out for a profession so intense.

ty owen


Short but very fun game. Would be better with more hairstyles, but it's fine since it's a game jam. :)


Uploading a new version right now where less chance of having the same person in a row. :)