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Weird, but really fun!  Nicely done

Thanks for the review :)

O。 M。 G    !!!!!




was very weird and fun, but i found a good way to time when the boss would come out so it became easy :')


this game makes me lowkey uncomfortable and i love it




weird, but i finished it

Great Game


Cute game! I feel like this is Pim and Jam from THe Orifice :)




First Goshzilla now this!

what a wacky wacky game, i'd really like to know this guy's backstory, like why does he hate kisses anyways?!


just like in the magnus archives

I am unfamiliar with that! Would you link to it?


haha, honestly it's not that similar (it's a horror romance in an office setting. the romance doesn't really kick in until the last season though) but since you make creepy stuff you might enjoy it! it's an audio drama.


ah thank you :)

Incredible! ❤️


Made a video


dud your game is wtf lol


My thought exactly


Deleted post



out of all the languages.. you chose FACTS

Great atmosphere—I didn't expect a game about kissing without being caught by your...boss? baby? boss baby? to be this unnerving—not just because of the increasingly creepy modifications the kissers get. I think it's the sound design that's doing most of the heavy lifting in this game.

i love this game :]



sound design is SICK


One of the weirdest game i have ever played

Loved it


Totally insane, I love it. Reminds me of Ren and Stimpy.

This is weird and I love it <3

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this is entirely too much kissing and everyone here in the comments section should be ashamed of themselves. the transhumanistic undertones speak to a post modernity that is best broken down by way of a table. Observe:

whos sleepy?observe
personal responsibility:V HONKtongueö

conclusion? love is real and LOOK OUT its right behind you

Kissing :)

you get it 

Gostei! Deu pra me divertir bastante e dar uns beijos bizarros!
Não sei o que se passa pro trás disso tudo mas o mais importante são os beijos!

Vídeo programado para o dia 28/09.

Very creepy, I loved it! I found the difficulty curve to be impeccable and it lasted just for the right time. The ability to buy one more warning was a great addition and added a lot, I found myself trying to decide if I should risk it to get the next upgrade or buy the extra warning.

Thanks. Yeah, I added the warning last minute to try and add a bit more tension. I am glad you liked the difficulty curve and length. Both of those I was somewhat worried about :)


Great game.

I managed to find and play one of your games again. As always, excellent work.



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thanks for playing another one of my games :))

dang ... weirdly satisfying :D i liked it a lot actually :D

Thanks :))

no need to thank me :) hope to see more of your work in the future :)


What did I just play LOL. I love it man, great work making a really fun game with just a mouse click control. I love the upgrades. I did manage to beat it and get the lip extensions. Also the sound is so well done and very creepy!



Quite a unique game, at the start it was a bit hard to understand but the game is undoubtedly different from all others. The vibe actually makes us feel like some sort of experiment is going on, well done!

I click, get 1337 kisses immediately, buy everything and have finished the game in about 5 seconds. What?

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Oh no! Wrong version

Thank you for letting me know - I was in a rush and uploaded the wrong version of the game. I am sorry.

EDIT: Uploaded a fixed version.


Thanks, working now. I like the art style of the game.