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u guys just got rekt

Fun plane action game though, but there's this one small bug that ends my score a little early at 20. How do I keep my score going without it ending? As I said before, fun plane action game through.


I have been able to get above 20. Perhaps you are dying? You need to also play Tetris at the same time. This game is also on CoolMath Games now with some different/new content if you want to try there.

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Oh... now I get it. Is Tetris like a block game or something?

Yes you have to rotate and place the pieces as they fall so they fill up full lines horizontally. Every time  you fill a line it disappears to make more space. If you can clear 4 lines at the same time you get extra points!

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Oh ok, also, just wanted to tell you that I beat my high score 'bout 5 times to 1117. :)

Wow that is a lot!

Nice game! I like the aesthetic and it controls smoothly. The game seems well polished and was a good bit of fun (although I'm not very good at it lol)


Oops, really smashed the record this time.

Great high score! But, how do I paste images?  


Great game, I think I have the record. 2541

That is a big ol' record!

Really fun concept!

my best (and what i think is world rec) is 1239. Try to beat me

my dads record is 1800 I believe!



good game, you make a wonderful game of two ''simple'' games, in my first try i get 566, is hard to make good things in the tetris if you are looking to the flappy bird, but with a little of practice you can do it

Yes I find the multiplier with the people is the key to getting a high score. It is very tricky though, but I do love Tetris so I couldn't resist upping the ante!

Thanks for playing :)

Thank you for making fun of my non existant ability to multi-task lol.


I love the idea and the clean visuals are so nice on the eyes. The music is also very suiting. Congrats!

I hope you don't take it too personally lol

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great game

yet alas, i suck at tetris. 

oh, and highscore: 126

Nice score! Thanks for playing.