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Good game with awesome art, a little bit questionable balance though


I loved this! I really love it. I can't win on anything except Chad. Nerd is really hard. Also I want there to be a way where like, Chad wins against Nerd, Nerd beats Goth, and Goth beats Chad (by bumming them out)

Yes it should have been a bit more balanced. I agree. I think Goth is actually the most OP class though. Cause of the life steal abilities.

I love the aesthetic and the unique game idea ! And the art is beautiful; I would love to see it when it is (hopefully?) completed! :D The music is easy-going and relaxing for a casual monster dating sesh.

I was a bit confused at the beginning with the difference between attraction level and vibe level, as well as didn't know we could input multiple cards! That realization made the game go from terribly difficult to OP monster dater. Overall, fantastic idea

Yes I will definitely add some sort of tutorial screen for people's first battles/swipes in a future version.

I do plan on working on this game more in the future as I think it is a fun concept that just needs a bit more polish post-jam :)

Thanks for playing!

I really like the theme, but I'm not sure if there is something I'm missing as a deck just consisting of 2* Um, Actually; 1* limp punch; and 1* cower seems unbeatable - I play those four every turn and then just repeat until the fight is over?

Are you supposed to only be able to play one card a turn?

No you should be able to play as many cards as you can per turn. The enemies in later game start playing multiple cards. I'll look into balancing :)

Thanks for playing!

ahh, that is why some enemies could still play cards later on when cower said they wouldn't be able to? Cool, I will try again with that in mind (although that one thing could be more clear I guess, like telegraphing how many they should be able to play and that it only removes one and stuff?)

Yes I should add a counter to them for sure. I'll add it to my notes for a newer version!

I think that "cower" card is unbalanced cause i can play it every turn and basically "permastun" the opponent. Also it seems i can't recruit anyone even with 100% chance. Not much a roguelike, but i like this idea ... maybe added to a real roguelike as the combat mechanic.