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i don't know why but it feels like alot of the time i don't know why i'm taking damage

yes this was just a quick jam game. It could def need to be improved. The best if section in my profile has more polished games 

kinda difficult.

As far as I can tell the WebGL build isn't working? Does it load for you? If not you may want to check the compression method on building for WebGL. One of the compression methods Itch doesn't like and won't build the game when the page is loaded

It does load for me. I did make sure to turn off that compression method in the past due to that issue.

Are you in incognito? I notice that always glitches out my WebGL.

wow, this is a perfect concept, like you should deffinitely team up with someone or work on this game a bit more, to have at least unlimited waves would be cool. Also a different indication on who is still dead and who is not - maybe the controlled npc could have an aura around them, dead enemies could splat blood upon death?
This game is fun, I was hooked immediately, I hope that you will make this game longer.

oh I really like the blood splat idea! 

Maybe after the jam I’ll do a little update. I do wish I had just a little more time, but alas I must work!


very fun, just wish you had a full auto gun :(


I thought that would make it too easy but maybe you are right.

yeah maybe


I think your idea but with cool downs would be the solution.


yeah like the barrel/gun overheating


very fun!

Zip file says data error when unzipped or tested

It works for me. Are you sure you unzipped?


Okay I am uploading a new version. Let me know if it works :) Post a screenshot if it does not.


Thanks, it's working now

No problem :)

Thanks for being patient!