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im a nerd 


thank you

Adorable! *kills all the buildings*


this was so cute!! i was doing my best not to step on any buildings obzbdgbdgbosdj

what a moral person!

Very cute game! I don't think anyone has pointed this out, but when I was at the beach I noticed a typo, "anyone has every said to me". I believe it should say "ever" instead. Other than that, this was perfectly adorable :) The color palette and design is so aesthetically pleasing!

Nice typo find!

I shall pretend that Moffy is the one who misspoke. 

Thanks for playing :)

Oops, I made love happen. ;{)

Science has finally invented love

I loved the visuals and mood! Super cute!! I also had to keep playing until I got all three endings.

aww thanks 

Hi again Jet Simon!!!!

Just wanted to let you know I revisited the game for the last ending. Still so cute!!!! Thanks for this adorable game!!!!!




This was very cute! Thanks for making and sharing



There'll never be a sweeter, cuter game on Waluigi's green earth ever again.



Aw shucks, thanks

I loved this!!!! This game is so adorable!!!! I managed to get 2 of the 3 endings so far (just read the above and see it's 3 endings). I'll revisit this game again to try for the last ending!!!

In the meantime, here's my play through with the 2 endings I got, if anyone's interested (it's the 1st game).


oh hey thanks so much for playing! Iโ€™ll watch rn!

Wow, you replied fast, lol!!! Thanks!!!! Looking forward to playing it again and checking out your other works!!!!

for some reason the game is a black screen after the intro dialogue, 10/10 music though.

Try and download and see if that resolves your issue. As no one else has reported this I am unsure what would have caused it.

Hi! This game was recommended in a post:

Would you like to join my stream where I play jam games of everyone who joins (September 8th, 17:00 UTC):

I'll play your game later anyway, but it would be cool to play it on stream. I don't guarantee positive feedback though. I always give honest feedback and I often don't agree to the received recommendations.


Oh hey thanks :) 

I'll check out the stream!

Cool:) See you there!

I got friends!

Yay :D


got the romance ending, this is such a cute game :)


made a lets play of your game :-) 

don't mind my voice I know its high lol

I really appreciate it :)

cute ^^

oh no a giant monster! 

good game, can you make more godzilla games?

if I get more ideas :)


I genuinely felt better while playing this game

thank you :))

I got the friend-zoned ending, also nice game!


Loved it!


So cute ๐Ÿ˜

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so sweet game

thank you for the letsplay :)

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Very cute :)

Amazing game!!! The Music fits perfectly! And also like the Art simple But great! 

The game is fun :)

This was so adorable!! 


It was fun. I liked the chill feeling to the game, and the length of the game is perfect :) Loved It!

Thanks so much c:


I was trying to pay for the game but whenever I clicked the "Pay with PayPal" button button it just routes to a blank white page. Tested this with two other games and it routes to PayPal fine. I'm not sure if it's a thing on your end or it's with Itch but I figured I'd let you know since I'm sure I'm not the only one who was willing to throw you a buck or two.

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Oh wow, I'll double check how I am linked up.

I have linked up my paypal. Hopefully it is not an issue anymore. I have received payments in the past for other games though, so it could just be an itch glitch. Or maybe people have only paid using credit card in the past lol.

I love this so much! It's so cute! Exactly what I needed to play after a long week. :D


Hey thank you so much c: