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howd i make negative


You reached integer overflow without crashing the game :o

Man, hyperinflation is crazy.

don’t spend it all in one place timmy


just what i need to keep the gold-plated diamond-encrusted roof over my head



lets go

In 20 minutes I got $1629113054016809

what are you going to spend it on?

Deleted 148 days ago

Tried the new mode. 

20 minute mode can get pretty crazy haha


No kidding... xD

So much funs!

*buys many stonks of this game except broke*

here have some fake money


Fun game! I got way too analytical by timing wine progressions in the latest version and recording them in a spreadsheet. I did 1 -> 1 bottle, 2 -> 1 bottle, and 1 -> 2 bottle progressions. This way, I was able to find the quickest progression to Stonks Water. It's possible there's a quicker one with running triple wines, but I haven't gone quite that far off the deep end :)

Best default setting start ($300, 10min) so far for me is 426 billion:

Strategy is:

- 2 Just Grapes - there's just enough money to serially grow and process, then buy a second storage before the second one is done processing.

- Sans Intereste as soon as they're worth enough.

- Dubbly Bubbly as soon as that's done.

- Stonks Water as soon as the Bubbly maxes out.

Then it's just a matter of running stonks as fast as you can to buy a Sake, then maybe Stonks -> Sake once if you like, then waiting for the end.

I have definitely still hit the new integer limit and crashed in 20 minute mode with similar techniques and about 1:30 on the clock still.


Great game! Wish there was an infinite timer mode.

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Got $90218 on my first attempt. It ain't much apparently, but it's honest work

Ooh good job! What mode did u try?

There are modes? Yeah, I think I've been relying on just grapes too much

Oh, yea in settings u can choose starting cash and time limit, for the normal and poor money rating id suggest just get 1 grape wine and wait untill uncan get red wine

Tried the newest version - $452 trillion. Wow.

Strategy was mostly similar as before: Used Wine 2 only once, Used Wine 4 only 3 times, then spammed Wine 6 (Stonk Water) & Wine 5 until I got the Sake into storage with around 30 seconds left.

Oh god. My pb is around 9Q rn

new settings, 3 last wines are now severely nerfed

Damn… idk what happened but i got to a pb of atleast 5,000,000,000 and my device shut of..

I got 7,003,481,396 After tho

Very nice! I am about to upload a patch that should fix the crashing issues.

Great cuz it happened again and i had 3 wines at 1b with 1 min left;-;

Great! I think i got a record or something cuz i got 193,270,047,199

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yes that is definitely the biggest I have seen so far!

please let me know if it happens again and I will look into it. In theory the max you can get without breaking the game is 9,223,372,036,854,775,808

maybe I’ll add some new wines later in the week. Since you have the high score maybe one could be named after you :D

i got 5857823, awesome game! Really fun and cute

2nd try i got 1,257,242,808

I appreciate you playing and enjoying :)


1,999,724,546 on my 2nd or 3rd attempt, i think i could get more if i was a bit quicker with upgrades

one needs a quick hand!

Wow that is a lot!

game crashed after i hit the 32 bit integer limit tho its a very fun tycoon

gah I thought I had fixed that with the latest update. I guess I will have to change more things to longs.

The game feel is so spot on, the music and the kaching, its just so relaxing.
amazing concept!!!

i got 2,509,439 on my first attempt, mostly due to a rough start and being inexperienced. hope i dont end up broke in my retirement.

I’m praying for you

I got $329,356,590. It ain't the best score, but I'm proud of it.

it’s enough to retire on

Wow lok at what i got:

Well, a bit better innit 555,764,325 2nd try


Well 1st try i got 37,861,525 but imma try get more

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Got to $178,079,515. I skipped the Red Ruckle (2nd wine) & went directly to the Sans Intereste (3rd wine). Then I skipped Dubbly Bubbly (4th wine) & went to stashing as much Vino de Xander (last wine) as I could: The time needed for DubBub to reach the ROI of Sans Intereste was too long. 

interesting strategy! I put it the sans interests as a decoy but it’s interesting how people come up with strategies


Third try and i got 451,396,133 

Wow that's a lot of dollars!

Ima try again today, I got a good strategy now.

good luck!

I really like this concept but I really wish it was longer than 10 minutes... maybe an expensive upgrade that adds some more time? Maybe there's a perk you could buy where each 1000 dollars you sell is an extra second?

Oh that would be an interesting idea. Time = Money.

I'll consider it if I get less busy and after the jam voting time is over :)

I only made about 64,567,439 dollars,

Thats better than my first time by quite a bit, like maybe as much as a 64bit game….


After a few attempts, I cashed in at $23,889,698. You have such a talent for game-feel that I didn't even mind the gamejam graphics, this title kept me coming back. Hopefully this video helps get the word out about your talent as a developer!

Thanks for playing! We have a new record.

I made $1.233.986.024! I guess I'll have to pay Xanderwood some royalties for that :P Relaxing and fun minigame!


That's quite a few doubloons! 

Would you say you would want more to do once you make large amounts of money?

Yeah, maybe a few more upgrades, perhaps something to accelerate the growing or processing time temporarily, like a boost?

And maybe from time to time you could get timed requests of wine batches, like half a dozen of Red Ruckles in 1 minute, if you succeed they'd give you a bonus :D

Ah those would be great ideas! I had a pretty small amount of time on this game, but I think that is some great feedback. Thanks a lot! I'll save it for a sequel haha.