It's Showtime! - How shows work in DIY Tour

Welcome to our somewhat weekly update segment of DIY Tour development!

I say we, but it's really just me. So hey.

The past week has been really productive. I've implemented album creation/release and overhauled quite a few UI elements. But today I've decided to talk about how playing shows in DIY Tour works.

Previously I had a slot machine system for playing shows, but it felt way too random. I tried adding the ability to freeze slots but it still didn't feel like the players actions were affecting the outcome as much as I wanted.

I enjoy a bit of randomness in games though, and sometimes when you play shows in real life it can be a bit of a mixed bag. So to reflect that we have a new system. The new system is players use modifiers that cost morale to change the chances of a show outcome. Your band members stats also affect the outcome. Here is a video so you know what I'm talking about:

It still needs a lot of juice and refinement but I think it's a fun core concept. It encourages the player to manage band morale and forces them to decide when they should really put their all into a show for the maximum reward.

Players will be able to purchase new modifiers in the upgrade shop, or unlock special ones as a result of character traits. 

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