DIY Tour Steam Page is Live! Wishlist now!

Just popping in to say that the Steam page for DIY Tour is live now. You will also be able to buy it on but if you want seamless updates and achievements, the Steam version will have that.

Wishlist it now so you know when it comes out and are able to get that sweet sweet launch discount!


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Really glad to see this is coming to Steam. Couldn't get the embedded Steam wishlist to work, but I found it on Steam directly.

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Oh good to know. Thank you for the extra effort of finding the page :)

I'll see if I can fix it. But it may be an AdBlocker or something on your browser as well as it worked for me when I clicked it. 

The error only happens in Microsoft Edge luckily (just a white screen that says "


so you're right it is most likely a built-in ad block issue. Works with everything else.


thanks :)