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Can your Canadian indie rock band hit it big, or whatever?

DIY Tour is a simulation/resource management game about managing an indie rock band as they tour Canada. You have 10 years to gain as much success as possible.


  • Create and customize your band.Book tours across Canada.
  • Play shows and level up your band members to make each show better.
  • Record albums and sell them for money. Promote them with a tour for even more!
  • Make money and invest it into making your band bigger and better.
  • A soundtrack of actual Canadian indie music from small artists all over Canada!
  • Don't get too old!


馃幐 What's this game about?

It's a simulation/resource management game about being a small band touring across Canada. Plan tours, live life on the road, play shows, and create memories. For fans of FTL, Oregon Trail, Organ Trail, and the roleplaying aspects of Crusader Kings II

馃幐 Is it out yet?

No, not yet! It is currently in development and is expected to be released by late 2022.

馃幐 What can I do with this game?

You can live out your dreams of indie rock stardom (or maybe just barely make enough to scrape by). You manage your band as they get into trouble. With random events, album creation, and upgrades, you'll always be a bit busy.

馃幐 What do I do with all that moolah?

Use the money you make from shows to buy new gear for the band, release albums, and try to get famous. But watch out - you need to get famous before you get too old for this shit! Once your 10 years are up your final score will be calculated. Can you hit the big time?

馃幐 What if I run out of stuff to do?

Many of the systems in the game are moddable in JSON format. You can add your own events with branching choices, add your own hometown to the game, or create your own character traits. It's as easy as making a text file!

馃幐 I really want to play this game now. Can I buy it now and play it early?

Since the game is currently in development, I will soon be offering Early Access  for $8 on itch.io. With that you will be supporting development, give feedback that will have an impact on development, and receive free updates forever. The game will be priced higher on full release, so you're really getting quite the deal! 


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