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Fun, creative, and definetly made me think

Thanks, I am still happy with this one. It has some faults but I really enjoyed creating the puzzles.

level eleven seems to be broken

could you post the issue? I have beaten all levels and so have others. Just want to make sure

in level 11 for some reason i'm not able to do a hallway transition.

are you able to send a screenshot?

I'm having the same problem, the girl is over to the left of the green box so she should transition to the connected hallway, but no matter how long I hold left, she doesn't move. Hope the screenshot helps :)

I no longer have the files for this game. But I think that is happening is I made the portals to the other side slightly small than the hall way. Try and go in at a different height?



Very interesting concept and nice puzzles. I had fun playing this. Also the the game colors and music are nice.

Thanks a lot man :)